Camp PHASE for Children with Special Needs

At PHASE, we are focused and committed to creating an accessible, inclusive and all-diversity embracing environment for kids of all abilities.  Our Camps are run by dedicated, qualified Support Staff and overseen by the PHASE Management team.

PHASE camps for people aged 10-18 aim to provide a fun-filled week of activities and challenges that encourage participants to come out of their shells and realise their full potential. The diversity of participants and leaders who attends our camp creates a culturally enriched environment that explores, teaches, and motivates positive behaviour, confidence, independent life and living skills, social skills and leadership.

Previous Camps have included the following awesome activities and events: animal feeding at the farm, African drum night, face painting, inflatable water play day, bouncy castle, bushwalking and disco night, to name a few!

2021 Camp Schedules

Term 1 APRIL 2021

5th – 9th           Dwellingup Chalets and Caravan Park

12th – 16th       Woodman Point – Coogee

Term 2 JULY 2021

5th – 9th            Lavendale Farm Stay – York

12th – 16th        Rottnest Island – Geordie Bay

Term 3 SEPTEMBER – October 2021

27th – 1st          Dwellingup Chalets and Caravan Park

4th – 8th            Lavendale Farm Stay  – York

Term 4 – January 2022

3rd – 7th           Rottnest Island – Geordie Bay

10th – 14th       Dwellingup Chalets and Caravan Park

17th – 23rd       Rottnest Island – Geordie Bay

24th – 28th       Lavendale Farm Stay – York

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