Camp PHASE for Children with Special Needs

At PHASE, we are focused and committed to creating an accessible, inclusive and all-diversity embracing environment for kids of all abilities.  Our Camps are run by dedicated, qualified Support Staff and overseen by the PHASE Management team.

PHASE camps for people aged 10-18 aim to provide a fun-filled week of activities and challenges that encourage participants to come out of their shells and realise their full potential. The diversity of participants and leaders who attends our camp creates a culturally enriched environment that explores, teaches, and motivates positive behaviour, confidence, independent life and living skills, social skills and leadership.

Previous Camps have included the following awesome activities and events: animal feeding at the farm, African drum night, face painting, inflatable water play day, bouncy castle, bushwalking and disco night, to name a few!

2022 Camp Schedules

Term 1 APRIL 2022

11th – 15th        Pinjarra Caravan Park – Pinjarra

18th – 22nd       Nanga Bush Camp

Term 2 JULY 2022

4th – 8th           TBA

11th – 15th       Rottnest Island – Governors Circle

Term 3 SEPTEMBER – October 2022

26th – 30th       Tuart Cottage, Woodman Point

3rd – 7th            TBA

Term 4 – JANUARY 2023

2nd – 6th           Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

9th – 13th          Jervoise Cottage, Woodman Point

16th – 20th       Lavendale Farm Stay – York

23rd – 27th       Isolation Hospital, Camp Quaranup

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A Social, Fun and Exciting Special Need Camp Here In Australia!

Our special needs holiday camps allow children and teenagers to unwind, let loose and have a great time! A camp is a place where carefree nostalgia is born and where young people can make lifelong friends. At PHASE, we foster an environment of positivity, creativity and respect. A week of the term where worries can melt away and where play, exploration and memory-making take over!

Why Our Special Needs Camp Stands Out

We’re on a never-ending journey to bring joy to all:

  • We embrace differences and encourage uniqueness whilst simultaneously ensuring that every need is accounted for
  • We have a team that is not only highly experienced to deal with a plethora of cases but who is highly passionate and dedicated
  • Our special needs camps are designed to be diverse, engaging, and educational
  • Participants will benefit in a multitude of ways by learning critical skills through adventure and discovery, which will add to their development as they head in and out of their teen years
  • We run all through the year, so whether you are looking for a special needs summer camp or something in the middle of the year, we’ve got times to suit all schedules
  • The activities we plan mean that participants can find what they like and try their hand at all kinds of skills
  • Being together reminds us that we’re not alone and that we can all belong
  • PHASE is multifaceted so that you can remain in touch with us long after the camping weekends.

special needs kids in a camp

No matter their struggles or case, everyone deserves to have opportunities to disconnect, be themselves, and engage in activities that stimulate them. A holiday, especially a camping holiday, gives children the chance to be children, relax, and go on many exploits and take on a range of challenges. Our special needs camps are to be enjoyed to the maximum, and our team does everything in the interests of the participants. Read More

Our Special Needs Camp in Perth Awaits You

What could be better than action-packed afternoons spent in our gorgeous state? What’s more is that there is an itinerary of trips, events, activities and adventures all already scheduled so, all you have to do is book a place.

So, if you’re looking for a highly reputable NDIS service provider in Perth that puts on an incredible camp then we’re here for you. Our mission is to really help, make a difference and to be an uplifting presence in the community.

If you’d like further information on how the camp works or just to know more about what we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can fill out an enquiry form, give us a call, email or check us out on social media. We love hearing from you and are always more than happy to talk through what we do and welcome more people to our growing support family. Read Less




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