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NDIS Day Programs

Looking for excellent NDIS day programs? At Perth Healthcare & Support Enterprise we can help you with that! We take pride in offering the best programs, which are designed to provide support and activities for individuals with a disability during the day, typically on a regular basis. NDIS day programs can take place in a range of settings, including community centres, disability service organisations, and schools. At Perth Healthcare & Support Enterprise we can tailor our programs in order to meet the needs and interests of the individuals participating in the program, and may include a wide range of activities such as art and craft, music and drama, sports and games, and educational and recreational outings.

Our NDIS day programs can provide a range of benefits for individuals with a disability, including the opportunity to develop new skills, make new friends, and participate in the community. They can also provide respite for carers and families, allowing them to take a break from their caring responsibilities and providing the individual with a disability with the opportunity to socialise and engage in activities outside of the home. We understand that NDIS day programs can be a valuable resource for individuals with a disability, providing them with the opportunity to participate in activities and engage with the community in a safe and supportive environment.

If you would like to find out more about our NDIS day programs, please get in touch with us today. We can provide you with more information about the services and activities that we offer, and help you to find the best program for your needs. Thanks for trusting Perth Healthcare & Support Enterprise, the leading Australian provider of NDIS with a superior approach based on diversity with excellent professionals with a myriad of experience and backgrounds. We are here to help you!


Respite Program

Short/Medium Term Accommodation (also known as Respite Care in Perth) enables people with disability to be independent and achieve their goals in a supported environment. It is also an opportunity for family or carers to take a short break from their daily routine. Learn More

School Holiday Program

Our School Holiday Program has been designed to ensure young people can access a range of fun and exciting activities during the school holidays whilst still benefiting from group dynamics. As a group supported program, there is considerable flexibility, and most activities can be accessed on any day during the school holidays. Learn More

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