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Jonas Mulombwa

Managing Director

Jonas’ passion for the disability sector spans over 15 years. In 2006 he started working as a support worker for one of Perth’s leading disability service providers, and because of his strong empathic attribute, he gravitated towards assisting individuals with challenging behaviours.

PHASE was created to help and train like-minded individuals who share the same passion and drive that Jonas has. He is very enthusiastic about people who are empathically driven, to be the change in the life of others less privileged in our communities.

Jonas believes that to succeed in this area of support work working with challenging behaviour and emotional intelligence is required to be at its peak. These are the strengths that have helped Jonas become a leader in challenging behaviour. Jonas’ ability to understand, use and manage emotions to regulate stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges, and diffuse a difficult situation are just a few reasons he is known as the “Challenging Behaviour Whisperer”!

Jonas has completed his Masters Degree in Project Management, Executive Leadership and Business Process Design courses with MIT Sloan University and a Certificate IV in Disability. His expertise lies in operational management, strategic planning, fostering leadership and advocacy for people with a disability. Jonas is extremely dedicated to his work, and his focus is committing on the promise of quality service delivery.

Jonas’ Top 3
Coffee, Chess and jogging in the middle of the night!

Dr. Neelam Wadhwani


Working within clinical behavioural practices, Neelam is passionate about assisting people in understanding their life story, and the links between their circumstances and their patterns of thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. Neelam feels privileged to be able to observe clients’ personal growth through their therapeutic journey.

Since beginning her master’s degree in Psychology, Neelam has worked in a variety of settings, including schools, respite facilities and private practice. She with a range of concerns, including Mental health disorders, adjustment issues, PTSD, grief, substance abuse and disabilities such as autism and intellectual disability.

Neelam is passionate about supporting clients to meet their therapy goals and enhancing their overall wellbeing. She has demonstrated experience of working with children, adolescents, young adults, refugees/asylum seeker, migrants and population from CALD backgrounds, couples and families.

She draws upon a range of approaches in working with individuals and groups, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Neelam has experience with creating Positive Behaviour Support plans, management and other behavioural interventions where each therapeutic plan is personalised depending on the goals of the client.

Neelam takes a person-centred and holistic approach to therapy. While working with clients and their informal support systems, she aims to create a safe and non-judgemental environment to help clients and their families gain a deeper understanding of needs of the participants, to facilitate both acceptance and growth. She has comprehensive experience in developing, implementing and managing behavioural and recovery plan and services, facilitating training and providing supervision, using psychometric assessments coupled with superior interpersonal skills of liaising with stakeholders and delivering the clinical intervention.

Neelam’s Top 3
House renovating and decorating, Hosting family and friends and Chai.

Debbie Smith

Office Administration Manager 

Debra holds qualifications and experience with working and coordinating transdisciplinary teams to develop plans and support the needs of individuals with a disability. Debbie served as Personal Assistant to the CEO in her previous job. She has also worked as a Support Coordinator, a position that allowed her to assist individuals and families access services through referrals, develop and implement NDIS plans and resolve barriers to services.

Debra commenced employment with PHASE in March 2020 and oversees the daily office functions.

Deb’s Top 3
Family, Holiday travel and keeping fit and healthy.


Administrative Assistant

Bronwyn has worked in the disability sector for over six years, initially as an Employment Coordinator, where she helped NDIS participants find employment. She later transitioned to the role of Support Coordinator. As Support Coordinator, Bronwyn ensured that participants got the right supports in place, built their capacity and resilience, and networked with various service providers to achieve the best outcomes for the participants.

Bronny has also worked in corporate as a Quality Controller and Assurance officer, an essential portfolio for continuous improvement. Bronwyn brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the business.

Bronwyn is a big believer in equality and respect and wants everyone with a disability to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Bronwyn’s Top 3
Family, Travel, Craft

Tracy Spadaccini

Accommodation and Community Team Leader

Tracy manages the PHASE Accommodation and Respite services and has extensive experience. For the last 17 years, she has supported challenging behaviours and complex needs. Tracy started in the Disability industry 18 years ago, supporting adults and children with disabilities for a large WA Disability Services Provider. She quickly moved into leadership roles. Nine years ago, she moved into coordination and management roles within the disability sector.

In her current role with PHASE, Tracy ensures appropriate support services are delivered to meet the needs of individual participants who reside in both PHASE Accommodation and their own homes. She manages the day-to-day operation of accommodation homes and guides, mentors and develops staff to provide safe, quality, person-centred services.

Tracy loves antiques & collectables, boating, and fishing.

Tracy’s Top 3
Family, a world holiday and striving to always do my best in whatever I do.

Renae Smith

Renae is an enthusiastic young woman with a passion for her best in any job or assignment. She is driven, focused, pays attention to detail, and performs all her duties according to plan.

Renae is always eager to help and encourage people to do their best and achieve their full potential. Renae has been self-employed and has run her own successful business before commencing into Human Resources with PHASE.

Renae is currently assisting with end-to-end HR functions across PHASE, from organising the onboarding process and getting people a career in a rewarding professional environment. Further, Renae actively works to ensure compliance with the NDIS requirements and reporting.

Renae’s Top 3
Everything family, camping and being social.

Daly Tribunali

Daly is a holder of a Diploma of Communities, a rewarding and fulfilling qualification that has upskilled him in the case of management, skilled him in developing and implementing community services programs, and advocating for the interests and rights of individuals and community programs. Daly has been with PHASE since 2021, starting as a Disability Support Worker and transitioning into a management role as Team Leader.

Daly has experience in organisational policy development, community project development, and management. In his most recent roles, Daly has been instrumental in assisting foreign corporates in building sustainable rapport with local communities in Africa to support the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept. He also has a sound understanding of risk assessment and management.

Currently, Daly is also leading PHASE’s team with the self-initiated principles of work engagement, which PHASE upholds and values.

Daly also holds a master’s in international Affairs and Security (Murdoch University, 2020)

Daly’s Top 3
Family, Freedom, and Charity

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