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What do Home Care Services do?

Many people value their independence and don’t want to rely on others. However, as they get older or if they have a disability, they can’t always do everything for themselves. That’s when they may need home care.

Home care services are provided so that Australians can continue to live comfortably in their own homes, as independently as possible, rather than having to move into a residential care home. It enables them to stay near family and friends and to remain part of their local community.

What Home Care Services provide and the Cost

Home care is provided as a wide range of services to cover varying needs that include:

  • assistance with personal care, such as showering, dressing and general mobility
  • domestic assistance that includes cleaning, laundry, gardening, maintenance and food preparation
  • providing transport for shopping and appointments
  • support for social activities
  • managing medication and providing nursing care
  • the provision of mobility aids and other necessary equipment plus modifications to the home that are needed for independent living.

In essence, home care covers most things that are required to overcome a disability or infirmity. It doesn’t, therefore, include the provision of food, permanent accommodation, holidays, entertainment or other incidental costs.

Home care is usually provided as a package that is set up for each individual and so is flexible to meet specific needs. Each home care package is generally set at one of four levels — basic, low, intermediate or high. These packages are delivered on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis, which gives each user more choice in the way that allocated funds for home care are spent.

Funding for home care is provided by the federal government. This is either available under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) for basic help in the home or the Home Care Packages (HCP) programme for support at a higher level. Support is means tested so, depending on individual circumstances, may be provided free or a contribution to costs may be requested.

Getting the Appropriate Home Care

The eligibility for in-home respite care, the amount to be provided and the level of financial support available will depend on an assessment of individual circumstances that will be conducted by an Aged Care Assessment Team or similar. This may determine that various services are needed and that some or all will be paid for by the government. The main aim will be to ensure that people are safe and as independent as possible in their homes.

If several services are needed, then a single provider can be chosen for them all or different providers may be selected for various ones. Additionally, if not all services are to be funded by the government, individuals can choose to pay for certain services themselves.

At Perth Healthcare and Support Enterprise, our trained, experienced and dedicated disability support carers can provide all manner of home care services in Perth. We can also help with assessments, advise on the best way to provide respite care services and give the necessary guidance on costs and funding. All our home carers are enthusiastic and truly caring, determined to make sure everyone can live as independently as possible.

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