Short/ Medium Term Accommodation (Respite)

Short/Medium Term Accommodation (also known as Respite) enables people with disability to be independent and achieve their goals in a supported environment. It is also an opportunity for family or carers to take a short break from their daily routine.

Our respite accommodation is a great place to meet people, enjoy activities and have the support of fully qualified staff to assist your daily living needs.

We understand that the need for short-term care can range from a sudden occurrence to meeting the personal requirements of a caregiver. As a result, we can provide respite and short-term accommodation in an emergency situation, with a variety of accommodation options available immediately. Respite care can also be provided in the comfort of your own home.

To meet both your needs and those of your families or caregivers, we are available to provide short term accommodation and respite care for as little as a few hours or for a couple of weeks. We do not require a minimum duration in order to remain flexible and available to our clients.

Our packages all-inclusive, meaning that all costs are covered within the rate, including food, transport and activities.

PHASE provides a range of flexible and immediate short-term accommodation and respite care options located across Metropolitan Perth including Pearsall, Ridgewood and Bertram.

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