Emergency Respite Care for Children

Are you a caregiver suffering from exhaustion and looking for a solution?

If so, we at PHASE Healthcare have a service for you. We are an NDIS registered disability service consisting of a team of highly experienced and trained staff who undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that they uphold our core values. Our emergency respite care for children offers the ideal solution for carers and/or families who find themselves in need of a break.

Looking after somebody else is an important task but looking after yourself is just as crucial and should not be neglected. Respite care allows you to take a break whilst somebody else looks after the person you care for and helps you avoid feeling exhausted or run down.

There are many respite care services available, ranging from somebody volunteering to spend time with the individual you care for over a few hours to full time care in a day care centre.

What emergency respite care do we offer for children?

Here at PHASE, we offer a Weekend Respite Program that guarantees an inclusive and diverse environment for all ages and abilities. Children will engage in enjoyable activities and will receive individual attention planned around the strengths of their support plans, ensuring the program focuses on achieving outcomes that make a difference.

Our respite care programs are all hosted at HBF Arena, Joondalup, a venue we have hand chosen due to its fantastic facilities, which provide the perfect environment for our activities. From its swimming pool to its grassy areas surrounding the complex, the Arena allows us to provide a varied selection of entertainment.

Why is Respite Care important?

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not a bad thing to admit that you can’t do it all and you need a break from time to time. Without breaks, you will find yourself working to the point of being exhausted or burning yourself out. A few of the benefits of respite care are:

  • Whether you choose to take a weekend break away or simply go on a long walk, relaxation is important and can provide a feeling of calm and happiness.
  • Gaining perspective. Taking time away may give you the space and clarity needed to think of new and innovative ways to approach care.
  • Re-energising. Being a carer can be a busy job, and so taking time to re-energise is crucial if you are expected to be able to keep up with it.
  • Social engagement. Spending time with friends and family ensures you do not isolate yourself from society.
  • Enjoying your own time. You shouldn’t feel guilty for this; you have the right to pursue activities that bring you enjoyment as much as anybody else.
  • Finding your own identity. You are just as important as the person you are caring for.
  • Finding your own space. Whilst being a carer you may find that your own space isn’t something that is readily available to you. It’s time to change that.

Our programs run from 9am to 5pm for a full day admission and 9am to 1pm for a half-day admission. Our initial conversation will involve discussing your child’s needs, allowing us to create a plan of activities that will ensure the best outcomes of the weekend are achieved. 

For more information on emergency respite care for children or to book an appointment, you can call us on 0418 750 524, fill in an online enquiry form, or write to us at PO Box 299, Joondalup, WA 6969 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are PHASE. As an NDIS service providers, we pride ourselves on providing disability support and respite services to disabled & autistic children and people with special needs. Our in-home respite care will provide you and your loved one with peace of mind.