Perth Disability Respite Care Services

Are You Looking For Disability Care In Perth?

If you are looking for disability respite care services in Perth that will get you or your loved one on the path to leading a happier, healthier life, your search ends here. Welcome to PHASE; we are a professionally established NDIS disability service provider and we specialise in offering tailor made support plans to young children, teenagers and adults.

What Disability Respite Services Do We Offer?

We offer a wide range of respite services in Perth, for everyone from children through to adults, living in the Perth metropolitan area. These services include a weekend respite program and the opportunity for in home respite care.

Our in-home respite care will ensure that you, as a primary carer, can still have some ‘you’ time, whilst remaining in an environment which is familiar and comfortable for your loved one.

At PHASE, we take a person-centred approach to the care we offer, meaning that your loved one will never be subject to a generic routine that may or may not be suitable for their needs. We don’t just want to help your loved one, but you too.

We understand that it’s no walk in the park to provide the level of care to your loved one that you do, and we aim to match that same level and quality of care, whilst allowing you to have a break. You are important too.

Our goal is to help create an environment that is more accessible and inclusive for everyone that comes to us looking for support so it’s important to offer a full range of respite services that allows for that to happen.

  • We offer bespoke respite programs that embrace the concepts of celebrating diversity. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our approach helps to provide better access and ensures inclusion for people living with disabilities.
  • We also have a genuine desire to provide primary carers with opportunities to get some quality, personal time so that they are able to fulfil other obligations, which they might not be able to achieve during their usual schedules.
    We offer an incredible weekend respite care program which facilitates primary carers getting regular breaks so that they able to rest and relax, which gives them time to ‘recharge’ their energies and consequently avoid ‘burning out’.

    Our respite care service also means that the children who participate receive one to one attention and are able to access activities that are engaging, purposeful and enjoyable. Our team ensure that all of activities are focused on the strengths of each individual so that we can achieve better and more sustainable positive outcomes.

  • We also run a school holiday program where young people get to enjoy a range of fun and exciting activities on school breaks. Our social club is a great option for those with similar interests to meet on a regular basis and enjoy leisure activities such as walks, watching movies, going to see a show and strolling around the local markets.

What Are The Benefits Of In-Home Respite Care Services

There are several benefits to utilising respite services in the home. A few of these include:

  • An increase in energy.
  • Maintaining a sense of self – being a carer is just one part of your identity, after all.
  • Getting some space – being away from the high stress of the care-giving situation for a while.
  • Relaxation – you can be sure that your loved one is in safe hands, and you can relax and de-stress without feeling guilty.

Why Should You Choose Our Disability Respite Services In Perth?

  • We work extremely hard to ensure that planning is intensively person-centred and we will discuss what your life ambitions and personal goals are so that we can devise a plan that will help you to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Our team are incredibly focused and passionate about helping people live better lives. We genuinely care about each person we work with and we guarantee that our service will have a positive impact on the person that needs the support and their family and/or carer.
  • Each of our staff members is highly experienced when it comes to working with challenging behaviours. We are able to work with anyone who has complex or high needs and we’ve offered support to people living with various disabilities or conditions.
  • We have an intensive recruitment and selection process, which helps us to make sure that all of our committed staff are able to meet the complex and personal needs of those we work with. You’re in the best hands when you choose PHASE.
  • We are an NDIS registered provider in WA and can help you understand the NDIS budget and navigate through plan management and eligibility.

Have A Question About Our Respite Care Services In Perth WA? We’d Love To Hear From You

If you are in need of support for you or a loved one and you’d like to take advantage of our personalised support plans, reach out to us today and let’s chat about how we can help.

We are PHASE. As an NDIS service providers, we pride ourselves on providing disability support services and respite care services in Perth. We specialise in respite care for autistic children and people with special needs. Our in-home respite care will provide you and your loved one with peace of mind.